Year: <span>2017</span>
Year: 2017

Basement Flooding – Part 4

At the end of June I’d finally had it with our basement cage [aka my workshop] flooding every time it rained.  I discovered that the gutter on the corner of the house above the leak was pointing straight down at the foundation so I crafted a gutter extender, then sealed the basement wall with hydraulic cement, silicon masonry sealant, and 2 coats of Drylok masonry waterproofer.

Basement Flooding – Part 3

Now that the basement wall has had some time to dry out, I decided it was time to start the patching process. I vacuumed and scrubbed the wall to prepare it for the hydraulic cement. Then glopped it into all the holes that were leaking. It dries almost immediately making it rather tricky to work with!

Chameleon Mural – Part 2

Today I worked more on the chameleon mural. I started by taking the brown from yesterday and dividing it into 3 parts. I added white to part, black to another part, and left the remaining original sealed in the Tupperware. Then I added highlights & shadowing to the branch. I also added some red to the head, legs, and tail.

Chameleon Mural – Part 1

Hubby’s birthday was yesterday.  For his present I’ve been planning to paint something for above the bed, to replace the faded picture that’s been up there since I moved in. It was supposed to be a surprise but I ended up telling him since there’s no way I was going to finish it by yesterday.

Basement Flooding – Part 2

As I was researching basement flooding, one article said “make sure your gutters are all aimed away from your foundation – often this can be the cause of your basement flooding”.  Lo and behold, when I got home from work today, I realized that the gutter directly over the leak was pointed straight at the foundation – d’oh!

Basement Flooding – Part 1

When I first moved into the condo in 2012, the basement barely got wet during huge, multi-day rain storms.  Now our cage starts flooding within 20 minutes of heavy rain fall.  I knew the water was coming in somewhere along the wall in the far, right corner of our cage, behind all the shelving.

Birdie Update #4

In my last post I mentioned that Birdie has adopted my girl cave workbench as her new spot. The other night I witnessed her attempting to jump up onto it herself and realized a cat platform would come in very handy. I ended up re purposing one of the upstairs hall cat platforms.