Year: <span>2017</span>
Year: 2017

OMG – 5k Mud Run!

For the past 5 years Marini Farm in Ipswich has hosted the “Muddy Leprechaun”, a 5k obstacle run through their muddy fields.  Every year I’ve wanted to do it, but since I don’t run, I never pursued it.  Until last year when I decided “who cares if I don’t run, I’m doing it!”  Hubby runs, so last Fall I asked him about doing this year’s mud run with me, but he wasn’t interested.  So I asked Abbie [who doesn’t run either] and she said “YES!!!”

I’m a Caulking Dumbass

To be fair, this was my first attempt using caulk where the results have to look “nice”.  I caulked the storm windows a few years ago [and made a mess], and caulked a few seams in the basement cage last month [and made a mess].  But last weekend I tried to caulk the kitchen counters and… made a mess.

Stained Glass Stars – Part 7

A couple of weeks ago my coworker & friend Diane heard I work with stained glass.  She had tried it years ago and is thinking about taking it up again.  I offered to go over the basics with her if she came over.  So 3 Sunday’s ago she came by and we spent a couple of hours playing with stained glass 🙂 

Happy 4th Blogiversary to Me!

Today is my 4th Blogiversary!  On August 26, 2013, I published my first post on and started a 4 year odyssey of DIY, creativity, photography, and self expression.  I’ve had so much fun, met so many awesome people, & accomplished more than I ever thought possible.

My Virtual Mission – Part 3

Last August I shared my mission to virtually bicycle across the US from Ipswich, MA, to the Seattle Aquarium.  I am logging all the miles I ride on the recumbent bike at the YMCA & the miles I walk into  Each time I log new miles my virtual icon moves across the map. I am currently on a ferry in the middle of Lake Michigan.

Litter Box Drama

We have 3 cats. And 6 litter boxes, which we empty and scrub each week. 2 litter boxes are elevated for Birdie, the rest are on ground level for Darwin & Bonkers. You would think 6 would be enough. But no.