Month: <span>March 2018</span>
Month: March 2018

Tonsillectomy TMI

Just what you want to read during the 3rd Nor’Easter of March 🙂 If you are easily grossed out, please skip this post and just know that the tonsillectomy I had in November seems to have cured all my ailments and I’m back to 100% 🙂

Basement Flooding – Part 6

So we had 2 power outages last week.  And it totally never occurred to me that our sump pumps wouldn’t work… until my mom mentioned it.  That was a total DUH moment for me!  In the 6 years I’ve lived here we’ve never had a power outage lasting longer than an hour or 2.  And never during a record-breaking storm surge.

Basement Flooding – Part 5

I felt like the Little Dutch Boy today. Didn’t he stick his finger in a dike? Boy does THAT sound WRONG. But I kinda did it earlier today. We got slammed with a very wet and windy Nor’Easter today, with a 3 foot storm surge. I was very worried our basement would flood again!