Meet Birdie!

birdie yawning on the bed

Birdie is our 3rd rescue cat. Our first girl. She’s very… well, hard to describe. She’s small, black, inquisitive & friendly, yet standoffish. She doesn’t like to be picked up, although once she’s picked up [at least with Jim], she’ll relax and start to purr. She doesn’t like to be patted, although she loves her chin scratched. She loves stuffed catnip toys [like her banana] but not loose catnip like the boys

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Our Heat Was Broken… Or Was It?

bleeding air from the basement heating system

We traveled to Florida the day after Thanksgiving and spent a week in the summer sunshine. We came home to a very cold house [low to mid 50’s] and a very swollen river. Yay. Our house has 3 heating zones: the living room, the master bedroom, and the dining room/girl cave [which makes no sense since they’re on different floors – the girl cave is directly above the dining room].

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Home for the Holidays

christmas tree 2014 with presents and rat cage

For the first time, like, ever, I’m not traveling for Christmas. Hubby and I are going to spend the day in our pajamas, sprawled on the couch, watching Christmas specials and gorging ourselves on vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner [it was so good at Thanksgiving I’m making it again!]. We usually fly to Florida to spend the holidays with our families [who live about 10 minutes apart in SW Florida]. But this year we flew to Florida early

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