Month: <span>March 2015</span>
Month: March 2015

Birdie Update #1

Birdie spends most of her time in the alcove above the living room TV, or on the adjoining platforms. But lately, she’s made 4 [!!!] trips down from her lair to do some exploring!

New Lights for the Bedroom – Part 2

We no longer have ugly 1980’s can lights in the master bedroom – woohoo!!! This afternoon I spent 3 hours installing the 2 remaining LED track lights. I seriously thought I’d been up there for an hour, but I started at 2pm and didn’t emerge until 5pm! Happy Hour – woohoo! 🙂 As I write this, I’m enjoying a glass of well earned Sangria.

New Lights for the Bedroom – Part 1

Replacing the ugly 1980’s can lights in the master bedroom has been on my “to do” list for quite a while. Two weeks ago I picked up 4 super cheap [$10!] LED track lights at IKEA which I thought would be perfect. Hubby agreed. Last week I installed one of them, and yesterday after work I installed a 2nd. The best part is we’ve jumped from 130 lumens per light to 600 lumens per light!

My Favoritest Things

As you probably know by now, I HATE TO SHOP. Hate it. I do almost all of my shopping online. 99% of what I need can be found at either or But shopping online bypasses the “browsing” element of shopping. I often miss out on stuff I’d otherwise feel compelled to buy. Which can be a good thing AND a bad thing!

Replacing the Master Bath Light Bar

I just added this project [and 2 others] to my 2015 Projects list. Is it cheating to add projects I know I’m about to complete? I yanked them off my Future Projects page and snuck them onto my Current Projects page *grin*. Yesterday, in addition to replacing the light over the kitchen sink, I also replaced the light over the master bathroom sinks.

Replacing the Light Over the Kitchen Sink

The LED light over our kitchen sink has been acting up for a while. The 3 LED bulbs would flicker, go out, come back on, etc. – very annoying. The whole thing was definitely in need of replacing. Last week I disconnected it so I could see if it was hard-wired or plugged into a hidden outlet. It was hard-wired. So over the weekend hubby and I went to Home Depot and bought an LED replacement.

Shelves for my Long-Tailed Cats

Yesterday after work I put up 2 of the Hemnes shelves I bought at IKEA on Wednesday. They’re solid pine that’s been stained white. I’m not sure what “white stain” is. They look painted. I moved the couch and chair, got up on the ladder, and screwed them into the window frame above the big window in the living room overlooking the river.

IKEA Trip 2015

Unfortunately I woke up with a really bad headache. I decided to go to IKEA anyways, without taking Advil first. Mistake. But it worked out OK. I got everything I went for! I can’t WAIT to install the new track lighting kits I got for the girl cave & master bedroom, and the new firefly LED chandelier I got for the girl cave.

Circle Mosaic Paintings – Part 7

After work today I added some Emerald green, and by doing so, 2 of the 4 paintings are done! At least with Phase 1. To clarify, Phase 1 = getting each shape filled in with paint. Phase 2 = outlining some of the shapes. After adding the Emerald green, I moved on to Phase 2. First I lay my plastic circle template [the same one I used to draw the circles on my blank canvases] over the circles I wanted to outline.

Circle Mosaic Paintings – Part 6

HOLY CRAP! The last time I worked on my circle mosaic paintings was back on January 14! I didn’t know it had been that long… I’ve been meaning to work on them almost daily, but never set aside enough time. Today I added some primary red and canary yellow highlights. I’m getting there. A few more colors and I’ll be done with phase 1.