A Visit to the Bro

my brother laughing at his chickens eating bananas

In late October I flew down to VA and spent 2 days with my brother Seth, his wife, and their 2 girls.  Their 2 older boys are both in college and I will have to wait until Christmas to see them.

Tower Hill Botanical Garden October 2021

beautiful sunset at Tower Hill Botanical Garden

This Halloween I spent the night in the hospital doing a sleep study.  Entertaining, yet boring.  LAST Halloween [aka 2021] we spent our Halloween night at New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill in Boylston, MA.  I associate “Boylston” with Boston so much that I had no idea there was an actual Boylston, MA. 

Maui, Hawaii 2019 – Part 4

a pool near the ocean, maui, hawaii

On our 5th day in Maui Jim & I booked a “Road to Hāna” tour for everyone with Valley Isle Excursions.  Valley Isle was highly recommended by the Pioneer Inn’s concierge.  There are 600+ turns & 50+ one-lane bridges [and rental cars aren’t allowed on the whole road] so it’s highly suggested you hire a tour company!

Germany 2018 – Part 4

picking up apples in my family's garden, nürtingen, germany

My brother-in-law told me my 5th full day in Germany would be a “no travel” day.  I was hoping that meant a “relax day” but it was not.  He told me they really needed to spend some time in their 2 gardens [land they own, about a 5 minute drive from their house] harvesting vegetables & nuts, and composting the hundreds of apples and pears that had fallen from their trees.