Home Improvement
Home Improvement

New Hose Hook

LAST October, as in 2021, I installed a new hook outside for our garden hose.  Previously the hose had either been draped over a lilac shrub or chucked on the ground:

5 Little Projects – Part 4

This post builds on 5 Little Projects Part 1 published June 8th [projects 1-5], 5 Little Projects Part 2 published June 21st [projects 6-10], & 5 Little Projects Part 3 published September 7th [projects 11-15].  This will cover the final 5 little projects I worked on in 2020.

Bin Cages for the Mice

Over the summer I came upon a website dedicated to building bin cages for hamsters and other small pets.  I immediately wanted to build bin cages for the mice to double the room they have to run around and play at night. 

DIY Folding 3-Panel Screen for < $40

This past summer, Jim challenged me to build a 3-panel folding screen for under $40.  Actually, it started with him searching online for an affordable screen for the corner of the bedroom, but they all looked [to me] like discount store dressing rooms. He said “if you can build one for less than $40, then go for it!”. And I did 🙂