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Jim adopted Darwin from the Ipswich Animal Shelter on 11/19/2010.  He’s our big alpha boy with double paws [7 toes on each foot] and fangs that don’t fit into his mouth. He always greets everyone at the door like a dog, and has been SO kind and gentle with our new girl Birdie. He LOVES to sit outside the front stoop with Mommy, on his leash:

darwin wearing a blue collar with a bell        darwin in the living room alcove

darwin relaxing in the living room        darwin on brick front stoop with me, leash and slippers

Jim and I adopted Birdie from the Ipswich Animal Shelter on 8/11/2014. She was found on a golf course, which is why they named her Birdie. We were going to change it, but it suits her, since she’s so small and delicate! She’s super sweet, but very aloof. She doesn’t like interacting with the other cats, or us that much, although she LOVES to be brushed and have her neck and chin scratched, which I do with her every day:

birdie checking out the new living room alcove cat platforms        birdie with aqua and purple eyes, reflecting LED lights

birdie yawning and enjoying her new bed in the alcove        birdie sleeping on the couch comforter


We have 3 super sweet girls:


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