Month: <span>November 2016</span>
Month: November 2016

Decluttering – Part 1

Ever since I conquered 10 annoying projects in 10 days, I’ve wanted to remove 10 items from each room. Not for any real reason, we don’t have THAT much clutter, but everyone has some. And by remove I don’t necessarily mean toss. The majority got tossed, but some stuff was just in the wrong room for whatever reason.

Drains Я Disgusting!

As everyone knows, drains are prone to clogging. When I first moved into the condo in 2012 the shower drain wasn’t draining very well so I unscrewed the drain cap and [wearing 2 pairs of latex gloves] pulled out a hair ball 8 inches long and 2 inches thick. It was SO DISGUSTING. Since then I’ve tried to clean the sink drains & shower drain every year, but I usually forget until one of them starts backing up.


Seriously, America? A racist, lying, woman-hating bully who doesn’t believe in climate change. A man beloved by white supremacists & the KKK. Awesome. I am glad this coming Friday is a Federal holiday. I am looking forward to immersing myself in stained glass art & painting art. Creating is always good for the soul.

10 Annoying Projects – Part 1

You know those little projects on the perpetual “to do” list that never seem to get done? Because they’re small, annoying, or both? Yeah. I have 10 of those that have been on my list for months. I decided I’ll do one a day for the next 10 days. I figure each one will take between 30 & 60 minutes. Originally I planned to post this all in one post, but it got too long, so I’m breaking it in half.

Cherry Blossom Tree – Part 2

In early August my BFF Abbie asked if I’d like to help her paint her twin girls’ bedroom wall. She’d already started an Apple tree on Claire’s side of the room, and I opted to paint a Cherry Blossom branch on Meara’s side. However, Meara told her mommy she’d prefer a TREE because Claire had a tree. Made sense to me!