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Site Design

Blog Blahs & Evil Blocks

I’m starting to get my project mojo back.  Woohoo!!!  Everyone always asks “where do you get your energy?” and this past 6 months has been a great example of how long it can take for my energy to recharge.  I have done NOTHING. 

Page Speed & New Theme

On August 4th I decided to retest my page’s speed. I hadn’t tested it since last July. It was a bit of a wake up call! I scored a big, fat F for speed. Yikes! Since then I’ve learned so much about site optimization and page speed. I’ve downloaded a new, more current theme, have “smushed” all 4,500+ of my images, and learned how to cache my files and pages. WHEW!

Site Optimization & Speed!

My website STILL doesn’t work from home. Although, at the moment, I can access it from Firefox, but not from Chrome. Tell me that makes sense… [usually I can’t access it from either]. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately about site optimization. Hence all my craziness regarding Alt Text. Which has helped! I’m starting to get more random traffic. And today I found a site that tests the load speed of your website & suggests ways to improve it – sweet!

The Importance of Alt Text

I have been writing this post off and on for almost 2 months, pretty much from around the time I lost my mojo and became a sloth. I’m still dealing with being a sloth, but have started walking a few days a week again, which is big progress towards getting my energy and health back. So I’m here to help ensure your photos are picked up by SEARCH ENGINES!