Month: <span>August 2018</span>
Month: August 2018

Repairing a Piece of Plate Glass

I have NO IDEA if this was a good idea.  About 2 years ago the piece of thick, plate glass that has always covered the painted bureau in our bedroom broke when something heavy fell on it.  Since then the 2 pieces have been sitting on the girl cave floor.  Today after work I decided to try fixing the glass.

A Bird’s Nest & A Clogged Gutter

Lately it’s been so rainy, which is great, because our plants & trees & grass & rivers need it!  Sometimes I wake up at night when the rain gets heavy and listen to it splattering onto the deck instead of going quietly down the gutter.  Every time I hear it I think “I really need to get up there and see why it’s not draining”.