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Some people wonder where the name of my website came from.  I had a dream a long time ago that I was orbited by 9 small, dark moons.  They slowly circled me on elliptical orbits.  I’ve always wished that were true, so I adopted the name as my online moniker back in the late 1990’s.  In my head, I’m still orbited by nine dark moons wherever I go, and now I have a custom license plate to prove it:

my new nine dark moons vanity plate!!!

During Christmas holiday in 2011, a few months after our first date, hubby surprised me by buying & registering the domain name ninedarkmoons.com:  something I’d always wanted!  But I had NO concept of what the site would be, and NO idea where to start.  Soon thereafter I moved in with him and we eloped to Town Hall [!], but the site was still unpublished & collecting virtual dust.  Every few months he’d prod me to fiddle with it, or at least read about web page design so I’d have a clue where to start.  But I kept dragging my feet.  Without a central theme or focus for the site, it was still just an abstract dream, to be pursued “someday”.

Then I discovered a love, a knack, and [most importantly] an opportunity for DIY:  co-owning the condo we live in was the first time I’d ever owned a place I had the freedom to customize.  Suddenly ninedarkmoons.com came alive!  The condo didn’t need much work, but I started seeing things here and there that could be tweaked or edited, and hubby was open to my ideas!  The DIY spark caught fire… and the rest is history!

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