Site Optimization!

sunset over the ipswich river, waterfall, and ebsco

My website STILL doesn’t work from home. Although, at the moment, I can access it from Firefox, but not from Chrome. Tell me that makes sense… [usually I can’t access it from either]. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately about site optimization. Hence all my craziness regarding Alt Text. Which has helped! I’m starting to get more random traffic. And today I found a site that tests the load speed of your website & suggests ways to improve it – sweet!

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Soooooooooo FRUSTRATING!

this webpage is not available error message

For the past week and a half, I haven’t been able to access my website from home. It’s SO FRUSTRATING. I can access every other website, but not WTF??? Verizon can’t help. GoDaddy says nothing is wrong on their end. Google can’t help. *slams head on desk*

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OMG There’s So Much Going On!

lucy reeder, abbie's dog

I have been doing some tidying up behind-the-scenes here at I have broken the RIVER page into 3 sections and cleaned up the PROJECTS pages. I hung out with Abbie & her adorable babies. I crossed the 2k mark on my motorcycle odometer. The garden is blooming beautifully! I c**k-blocked Bonkers. I set up my new WorkMate table. I began work on the catio DOOR! AND we got our permit for replacement windows!!!

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Filling in the TITLE Field of your Media Files / Photos

bachelor button flowers in our yard

Back in early June I posted about the many benefits to filling in the ALT TEXT field of Wordpress photo/media files. However, I have learned a LOT since then. Like how ALT TEXT should be a sentence, in plain English, describing each photo. NOT a jumble of keywords, or Google thinks you’re spam… So I’ve been updating them. All 2,700 of them! In doing so, I’ve made it to page 7 of Google’s Image Search for “Outdoor Cat Enclosure/Catio”! I’m on the map!

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Outdoor Cat Enclosure/Catio – Part 11: Chicken’d!

view of ipswich river, waterfall / dam, and riverwalk through the outdoor cat enclosure / catio

So last week I installed the roof on the cat enclosure. I also began the task of stapling chicken wire to the outside of the enclosure. It was very labor intensive and the hours of stapling aggravated my carpal tunnels. All told, it took 90 square feet of chicken wire and 1,400 staples to get the majority of the enclosure chicken’d. I still need to chicken the door, but that requires I actually build the door first, which is next on the list.

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