Stained Glass Circles

creating stained glass circles, copper foiling the edges

UPDATE: I have since decided NOT to make a mobile with these circles. They have been incorporated into a framed piece I created in July.
My 2016 Projects list includes “Build 3 mobiles in the Alexander Calder style [kinetic sculpture]” & “Create 3 difficult stained glass pieces”. I decided to combine those items for my newest project and make a stained glass mobile.

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Adding a Photo Grid Widget with Hover Titles

adding a photo grid with hover titles in the widget area of wordpress

OK, this is something I have wanted to add to my page FOR-EV-ER. And, like the “lightbox” feature, I finally figured it out! I have always envied blogs that had a very simple, elegant grid of photo thumbnails in their sidebar, highlighting either their favorite projects, their most popular posts, etc. And I have finally figured it out! *insert maniacal laughter*…

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birdie and darwin on the living room platforms

We adopted our 3rd rescue cat Birdie in August, 2014. She was very shy and scared of our 2 rescue boys. I have since built her 25 platforms throughout our house, both upstairs and down, so she can safely be a part of our family without feeling anxious. She loves all her platforms, especially the ones leading to the alcove above our TV, and our boy Darwin has started to join her, which she allows in small doses.

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I Did It, I Did It, I DID IT!!!

maui hawaii spotted dove, illustrating the new lightbox scroll arrows & features

After MONTHS of trying, I’ve finally managed to add a feature to my blog allowing you to scroll through all the photos in each blog post using little arrows. Just click any photo to make it bigger, and you’ll see little arrows letting you scroll left & right. There’s also a “Play” button for starting a slideshow and an “X” button to close the “lightbox” and go back to the blog post. Woohoo!!!!!!!!

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