Basement Flooding – Part 4
Basement Flooding – Part 4

Basement Flooding – Part 4

At the end of June I’d finally had it with our basement cage [aka my workshop] flooding every time it rained.  I discovered that the gutter on the corner of the house above the leak was pointing straight down at the foundation so I crafted a gutter extender:

the gutter above the basement leak is pointed the wrong way!        the gutter extension trough worked very well during the last storm

Since then we’ve had ZERO leaks!  But I also wanted to seal the cracks and holes in the wall so that next time we get a really big storm the cage won’t leak as badly.  I started by filling the cracks & holes with hydraulic cement:


Then I painted on a coat of Drylok masonry waterproofer:

And patched the few remaining cracks & holes with silicone masonry sealant:


Last week after work I painted on the 2nd coat of Drylok masonry waterproofer, but I ran out about a foot from the bottom:


I decided instead of driving to Home Depot I’d just order a new quart [#affiliate] on Amazon and have it waiting for me Saturday morning when I got up.  It was waiting for me, but when I opened the box the bubble pop bag was full of paint!  The can sprang a leak during shipment:


Amazingly hardly any got on the inside of the box:

The only way to get a refund from Amazon is to return the can.  Obviously I’m not going to return a leaking can of paint, so I poured the remaining paint into an empty can [including the mess inside the bubble pop bag], then sealed the empty can & bubble pop bag inside 2 Ziplocs and packaged them up for shipping tomorrow.  Then finished painting the wall:


I let it dry overnight then set the cage back up this afternoon:


The wall being white will make it easier to keep an eye on the leaky corner:


Here’s some random photos from the past week:

My Gold Dust Dracaena plants have grown some cool orange balls.  Probably why their nickname is “Florida beauty”:


Some absolutely INSANE blueberry/lemon meringue pie I had last weekend at Jim’s auntie’s retirement community dining room – O M G:

The kitty bike parked at a restaurant last week [for our annual office picnic].  There were no spots left so I made my own:

My friend Barbara’s golden doodle “Buddy” enjoying the AC in her office:

my friend barbara's dog buddy enjoying the ac

The beaver heading into the fish ladder outside our house:

My new 17″ Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop – I love it!!!:

My neighbor’s door [they live in the condo on the 2nd & 3rd floor front of our house] which I finally painted black:


I painted ours black 2 years ago, after it was replaced.  Theirs was replaced a few months ago, and it’s been on my “to do” list ever since.

I added some raspberry to the chameleon mural this afternoon:

And this evening there was a concert across the street from our house, so we wandered over and listened for a while.  It was the Merrimack Valley Concert Band performing hits from the past 2 centuries:


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  1. Anne

    Great job on eliminating the leak in your basement – so much work but well worth it. And re your random pictures – I had dracaenas for years, but never, ever had any of them grow anything like those cool orange balls. Fascinating!
    Your chameleon already looks amazing – I can’t wait to see the finished mural.
    And the photo of Buddy cracked me up – SO funny!

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      My dracaenas never did that until last year when the momma one sported 1 green ball which turned bright orange. This year she has 2 and one of her babies has 2 – they love the light in the bedroom! Buddy is awesome, a very silly boy. He always makes me laugh. The chameleon is about halfway done, once I do another coat of raspberry, then I’ll start the detail work.

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