Replacing A Cracked Tile

grouting the replacement tile in the master bathroom

Two weekends ago I found a stack of spare tiles in the basement, belonging to our condo. I grabbed one and used it to replace the cracked tile in the master bathroom. I used a grout-removal tool to scrape the old grout out, a cold chisel and ball peen hammer to chip the remaining mortar chunks out, and Tile Replacement Mortar to frost the new tile and pop it into place.

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Happy 3rd 2nd Blogiversary to Me!!!

2nd blogiversary cake 2 candles

For the past few months I’ve been convinced that I was coming up on my 3rd Blogiversary. Like seriously. But no, it’s only my 2nd! *mind blown*. Over the past 12 months I’ve accomplished so much! I dabbled quite a bit with electricity [and only electrocuted myself ONCE], I’ve acquired some invaluable tools & items, I built an awesome catio, and I’ve learned a bunch of valuable “behind the scenes” stuff to make my blog better.

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Who Put The Energizer In My Bunny???

smashing the old tiles out of the front entrance hall with a ball peen hammer

Jeez! You’d think that after finally finishing a 2 month project [the catio] last week, and spending 10 hours this past weekend cleaning out the basement that I’d be done for a while. But today after work I came home and immediately set about tearing up the broken tile in the upstairs bathroom and replacing it with a new one! And then did some quality tile smashing in the front entrance hall.

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The Great Basement Cage Clean Of 2015

alternate storage area in basement

I spent 10 hours this weekend in the basement. I tidied up the common areas [shared by the 3 condos in our house], cleaned our cage, and claimed ownership of a “no man’s land” storage area that was previously buried under junk. So much junk! It was exhausting. I am still sore. But it was so worth it! Hubby was out of state visiting a friend Saturday and Sunday morning, so I got to organizing! I always do my best work when he’s out of town *nods*.

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Outdoor Cat Enclosure/Catio – Part 19: COST

darwin enjoying a peaceful evening in the outdoor cat enclosure / catio

If you can believe it [I couldn’t!!!] the cost of materials for the cat enclosure came to $989. The biggest expenses were the wood [$300], the cat door [$100], the cushions [$100], and the metal braces/connectors [$140]. But still – OMFG!!! If I had to do it over I could probably swing it for $750-$800. But it would be really hard to create this beast for less than that!

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Building an Outdoor Catio

bonkers enjoying the outdoor cat enclosure / catio

This was by far my most favorite project I’ve done yet! It was amazing to go from conception to completion in 3 months. I designed and built it all by myself, it’s the first thing I’ve ever built. It’s 6’x6’x3′ and the frame is made of 2×4’s. You can learn more about it by searching for “CATIO” on my blog.

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birdie relaxing in the laundry room while our replacement windows were installed

This post is to document some big milestones as of late. It’s almost my 2nd Blogiversary [I TOTALLY thought it was my 3rd!]. I can actually buy wood at a hardware store without major anxiety. We’ve had Birdie for a year now and she’s made incredible progress. She also showed Bonkers who’s boss a couple weeks ago and now he actually avoids her! AND this is my 200th post with pictures – woohoo!

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