Month: <span>August 2015</span>
Month: August 2015

Replacing A Cracked Ceramic Tile

Two weekends ago I found a stack of spare tiles in the basement, belonging to our condo. I grabbed one and used it to replace the cracked tile in the master bathroom. I used a grout-removal tool to scrape the old grout out, a cold chisel and ball peen hammer to chip the remaining mortar chunks out, and Tile Replacement Mortar to frost the new tile and pop it into place.

Happy 3rd 2nd Blogiversary to Me!!!

For the past few months I’ve been convinced that I was coming up on my 3rd Blogiversary. Like seriously. But no, it’s only my 2nd! *mind blown*. Over the past 12 months I’ve accomplished so much! I dabbled quite a bit with electricity [and only electrocuted myself ONCE], I’ve acquired some invaluable tools & items, I built an awesome catio, and I’ve learned a bunch of valuable “behind the scenes” stuff to make my blog better.

The Great Basement Clean Of 2015

I spent 10 hours this weekend in the basement. I tidied up the common areas [shared by the 3 condos in our house], cleaned our cage, and claimed ownership of a “no man’s land” storage area that was previously buried under junk. So much junk! It was exhausting. I am still sore. But it was so worth it! Hubby was out of state visiting a friend Saturday and Sunday morning, so I got to organizing! I always do my best work when he’s out of town *nods*.

Building a Backyard Catio – SLIDESHOW

I started work on the catio on 6/17/15 and finished on 8/20/15. This slideshow reduces 2 months of work down to 8 minutes. Which I realize is kind of long… there is a fast-forward arrow you can use to speed it up! The slideshow should start automatically. If you only see a grey box, click the box to start the slideshow. There are captions under each photo.

The Cost of Building a Backyard Catio

If you can believe it [I couldn’t!!!] the cost of materials for the cat enclosure came to $989. The biggest expenses were the wood [$300], the cat door [$100], the cushions [$100], and the metal braces/connectors [$140]. But still – OMFG!!! If I had to do it over I could probably swing it for $750-$800. But it would be really hard to create this beast for less than that!