Month: <span>November 2015</span>
Month: November 2015

Additional Lighting for my Basement Workshop

I love my basement workshop [basement cage], but there’s only one light. I have my main workspace right under that light, but while I’m stained glassing I am working on 2 workspaces and one is pretty dark. Today I went to Home Depot and picked up a work light and hung it from the ceiling, via 2 extension cords, some copper wire, and a bunch of red twine.

Stained Glass Stars – Part 2

Today I made another stained glass star! I went into work this morning but got home at 1:30 and immediately headed down to my workshop and started another star. The glass I used today is a dark teal color, and has a wavy pattern to it. If you hold it on it’s side it looks like the surface of a lake. So pretty! it only took me an hour and 15 minutes to make the 2nd star, versus 2½ hours for the first one 🙂

Replacing The Glass in a Picture Frame

In 2002 my brother went to New Zealand on business and brought me back an awesome piece of art. It’s a stamped rock in a box frame, called “Wellbeing”. Last year, it fell off the wall and the frame glass cracked into pieces. I kept meaning to take it to a frame shop to get fixed, but it remained in the pile of “things to eventually repair”.

I’m a Roofah!

Or, if you’re not from the Boston area, I’m a roofer. And not really, but my friends invited me to help them roof their barn in exchange for free knowledge. I told them I’m always down to be their free-labor guinea pig! The more I learn, the better it will serve me in the future when I’m renovating hubby’s and my retirement house in Hawaii *wistful sigh*.

Disco Ball Redux

Back in July, I risked life and limb to climb 15′ in the air on a ladder [which was leaning slightly backwards], while lugging a giant disco ball, so I could hang it from the beam in our upstairs hallway. However, it was too high up to reflect any light from the nearby skylight, and I also failed to direct the can light above the closet at the ball to take advantage of it’s GLORY. But today I fixed it! All glory to the disco ball!!!

Front Hall Overhaul – Part 12

This weekend I actually did something right on the first try! I’m obviously not talking about the front hall wall color, which took 3 tries. I’m talking about mixing my own hue of paint! I mean, I’ve been doing that forever when I create art. But I’ve never done it before with wall paint. I was inspired by Jo at Let’s Face the Music who gave me the courage to believe I could do it – thanks, Jo!