Month: <span>October 2019</span>
Month: October 2019

Maui, Hawaii 2019 – Part 4

On our 5th day in Maui Jim & I booked a “Road to Hāna” tour for everyone with Valley Isle Excursions.  Valley Isle was highly recommended by the Pioneer Inn’s concierge.  There are 600+ turns & 50+ one-lane bridges [and rental cars aren’t allowed on the whole road] so it’s highly suggested you hire a tour company!

Blog Blahs & Evil Blocks

I’m starting to get my project mojo back.  Woohoo!!!  Everyone always asks “where do you get your energy?” and this past 6 months has been a great example of how long it can take for my energy to recharge.  I have done NOTHING. 

Summer 2019 In Photos

These are based on my Instagrams throughout the summer. 

I will be blogging again very soon!  I have finally gotten over my blog blahs and have a lot to share with you!  I have also downloaded the CLASSIC EDITOR plugin so I no longer have to try and deal with the new Wordpress blocks, which I HATED!