Chameleon Mural – Part 4
Chameleon Mural – Part 4

Chameleon Mural – Part 4

I began painting the chameleon mural on July 4th.  I drew him on the canvas’ [based on a photo I found online] and painted the background green.  Then added red to the head, legs, and tail:

the background and branch have been painted on the chameleon mural        the chameleon mural after adding red

I added detail to the branch and eye, and also added dark blue and aqua stripes to the body:

the chameleon mural with blue & red added        the chameleon mural after adding red, blue, & turquoise

Last week I used raspberry to fill in the rest of the body but after living with it a few days decided I didn’t like it – not eye popping enough:

i added raspberry to the chameleon mural

So this weekend I painted over the raspberry with LIME – much better!:

Then I worked on shading the lime.  I scooped out 2 little piles of lime paint and added black to one and white to the other.  I highlighted the top of the body and shaded the bottom.  Before & after [it’s very subtle]:


You can see the color gradients better on the tail:

Then I decided to go full steam ahead and shade the other 2 body colors the same way.  I think it came out awesome, especially the aqua:


Next up will be working on the head, legs, & end of tail.  The original cameleon I used to base this project on has mostly solid orange/red for those parts:

the chameleon i printed off the internet to paint

But I have since found 2 more pics of the same type [Panther?] of chameleon with much more colorful heads, legs, & tail:


I am going to have FUN with this!

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Thanks! I still have paintings I haven’t finished, but will eventually 🙂 I usually work on the chameleon for 2 hours at a time. I’ve probably put 10+ hours into it and have an equal amount to go, but I enjoy it 🙂

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      I would love to see one in person, too! In the original picture the stripe down the middle looks white, but I can see from the 2 new photos that it’s actually a beautiful sky blue. So cool!

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