Drop-Down Menus Begone!

each page has 2-5 picture boxes which you can hover over & click

My drop-down menus, which I added last year, were starting to REALLY annoy me and get in the way. So I have re-done my page and gotten rid of them. Instead, when you click on a menu item like RIVER, you get a new page with square photos, one for each category. Hover your mouse over each square to see the category names, then click!

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Stained Glass Catboat, Part 2: Success!

i added thin metal wire rigging to the stained glass sailboat

As you read in Part 1, I ran into some issues with my first attempt at making a stained glass sailboat, including the bottom looking like a canoe, trying to work with solid copper wire, the entire boat falling apart because the solid copper wire was too heavy, and finally the entire thing falling apart again because I soldered the hell out of the seams to the point of insanely overheating them. Oops.

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