Here are my photographic highlights from last Summer: From walks through Ipswich:                 The water level was low in the fish ladder as early as June last year.  The cormorants figured out they could sit in the fish ladder and gorge on fish stuck between the baffles:   … Read more


completed tv-b-gone build two - tvbgone kit

For one of hubby’s Christmas gifts I ordered a TV-B-Gone Kit from Amazon.  They will turn off about 85% of televisions in public places. Unfortunately, since these devices are questionably legal, you can’t buy a complete device, you have to build it yourself.  They literally send you a bag of parts which I found very daunting!

Crayon Art – Part 1

crayon art 1, 2, & 3 hanging on my office wall

This past November I decided to relax by coloring with crayons.  I have been keeping an ear open to the recent trend of adult coloring books, but wanted to make my own designs to color in.  I found a book of thick art paper in the girl cave, grabbed my circle templates [same ones I use for stained glass and art painting], a sharpie, and a ruler and set to work.

Stained Glass Nautical Stars

the completed pink and yellow nautical stained glass star

This past August I decided to craft 2 stained glass nautical stars.  I had promised a coworker I’d make her a star, and she really likes nautical stars, so instead of my usual star pattern I found a new one online. I decided to make 2 stars, one for her and one for me.