Month: <span>January 2018</span>
Month: January 2018

Spray Painting in the Snow

Today was unseasonably warm – it got up to 48° which meant I could spray paint the 4 remaining door panels for the AC boxes – HOORAY!!!  Painting the 2 green ones by hand was tedious and took hours and made my hand cramp up from jabbing a dry brush into every single hole to make sure no paint was stuck.

AC Cabinets – Part 3

Currently 2 of the 3 AC xox frames I made last March are wrapped in plastic to keep the cold out.  I never knew how much air blew in through our [in-wall] ACs until last week during the bitter freeze.  Brrrr!  It made me realize we need insulated AC doors asap so between yesterday & today I built all 3 sets.

The Great Basement Clean of 2018

OK.  I realize there are many situations where 4 hours can feel like 14:  a really bad first date, a half day meeting at work, shopping.  But today I’m talking about cleaning the basement.  I hauled heavy shit into the “dump pile”, I cleaning off shelves that haven’t been cleaned in probably 20 years, I vacuumed cobwebs off the ceiling, and I cut up more than 100 boxes for recycling.  O.  M.  G.