Month: <span>January 2014</span>
Month: January 2014

Girl Cave Ceiling – Part 2

Yesterday I was home due to the Federal holiday, so I decided to make myself useful [something I had avoided all weekend by spending most of it sprawled on the couch, under a puff, watching hours of HGTV]. So I set up my ladder, draped some plastic, and finished painting the girl cave ceiling. As you may recall, I started painting the edges of it back in October… The color is a beautiful, rich dark purple called Galaxy by Benjamin Moore.

Dining Room Cat Platform – Part 2

Last week I built, primed, and painted a cat platform and ramp for the dining room. A few days later I attached them to the dining room windowsill. But after a week of enticing [treats], encouraging [kind words], tough love [dropping on ramp and saying “up up up!”], I realized the cats [particularly Bonkers] were never going to use the ramp.

DIY Spice Rack – Part 2

4 days ago I built a DIY spice rack with some trim wood I bought at our local hardware store. 3 days ago I primed it. Yesterday I painted it, and today it is DONE! It’s my birthday today [43!], so I decided I’d wait until today to hang it up, as a birthday gift to myself 🙂

DIY Spice Rack – Part 1

Today, after a 3 week break from even thinking about DIY [due to traveling for the holidays, a wedding vow renewal on the beach 2 days after Christmas, and friends over for New Years], I decided it was time to get back into it. I’m starting by making my long overdue DIY Spice Rack!