Ceiling Fans – Part 1

using a dremmel tool to cut a notch into a stripped screw as sparks fly

Why is EVERY DIY project a fiasco? At least that’s how it seems. Nothing is ever as easy as it looks, nothing ever goes the way you think it will in your head, and there’s always unforeseen problems that take up way more time than they should! We have 3 ceiling fans. One in the living room and one in each bedroom. They are white, boring, borderline ugly, but do a great job so we haven’t replaced them yet. Until now.

Upstairs Cat Platforms – Part 4

upstairs hall cat platform and bookcase

When I installed the large cat platform in the upstairs hallway earlier this year, I also installed 2 smaller access steps, figuring Bonkers could use them to get himself up onto the main platform. He never even tried. He doesn’t have very good balance and I think the main platform is too high for him to contemplate. So last week I moved the 2 smaller platforms to different locations to make them more usable.

New Front Stoop – Part 3

new wooden front stoop which replaced the crumbling brick one

Last weekend, the contractor came back and finished our front steps. I should say “front step” since it’s only one now. But it came out awesome – we love it. He made it wider than the old steps, which means I can put plants on one side and have room on the other to put down my groceries while I open the door – hooray for small conveniences!

Living Room Cupboard – Part 9

painting the living room cupboard benjamin moore night flower raspberry ikea couch

FINALLY!!! After more than 2 months of work, the cupboard is finished!!! 2 weeks ago I got the right half of the cupboard finished. It took 6 coats of raspberry to completely cover the white – my Dad said that’s because I was using latex WALL paint instead of latex enamel – d’oh! Apparently latex enamel is MUCH better for furniture and other wood items. Good to know!

Upstairs Hall Lighting – Part 2

kaia pendant light in upstairs hall window

Last March I hung a paper lantern in the upstairs hallway because the swag pendant I wanted was out of stock on Amazon. The paper lantern – with a color changing LED bulb inside – did a great job filling in the space. But last week I noticed the lamp I’d originally wanted [Kaia Frosted Beads 12″ Chrome Swag Pendant*] was back in stock.

Stairwell Ceiling

painting the stairwell ceiling

This is just a dumb little project I did back in late June. It’s a square of ceiling in the stairwell, near the bottom of the stairs. It looked like it had been primed white, but never painted, so it always had a slightly dingy look to it. It’s been bugging me since I moved in!

Recessed Lighting – Part 4

recessed can lighting trim white, next to birdie's feet

Back in February, when I posted my last recessed lighting post, I had spray painted 2 of the living room recessed lighting trims with off-white spray paint. Last weekend I finally got off my butt and did the rest! I also learned something EXTREMELY helpful this time around! You can just use your fingers and pop off the little metal ring from each recessed light