Light for Kathy’s Cage

the new light fixture installed in kathy's basement cage

For a few months now, half the basement has been dark.Β  There are 4 sets of fluorescent ceiling lights down there, but 2 had burnt out.Β  Unfortunately the half that’s been dark is my neighbor Kathy’s – her cage is in a separate room of the basement and been basically pitch black.Β  I knew I needed to get replacement bulbs, but I’ve been sick for so long and so exhausted that I kept forgetting.Β 

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A Cat Update

bonkers looking adorable in his pirate sweater

I haven’t really written a pet update since June, so I figured now would be a good time. I’ve been holding onto some photos from the past few months to share with you. We don’t currently have any rats; we’re still mourning the unexpected passing of Franc last June πŸ™ Instead we’ve been busy focusing on Bonkers’ health, my health, and an accidental onslaught of fish babies…

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Ipswich Illuminated 2017

ipswich illuminated 2017 - led color changing waterfall lights

Every year Ipswich, MA does what it calls Ipswich Illuminated.Β  They light mini barges on fire along the River, decorate public streets & parks with lights, have activities for kids, have cool artistic light-related installations…Β  it’s very cool!Β  I’ve enjoyed seeing the River fires since I moved here 6 years ago.Β  Apparently I’ve never posted any pics on my blog before.

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