Month: <span>April 2014</span>
Month: April 2014

Laundry Room – Part 4

I finally got my act together and painted the last little bit of wall in the laundry room. If you recall from my last laundry room post, I had everything done except a little bit above and around the door. I finished that this morning, which means the room is DONE!

“Basic Home Repair”

This was the last week of my “Basic Home Repair & Preventative Maintenance” class at Whittier Tech. It was a 10 week class, each class was 3 hours long. I learned so much! We started with 3 weeks of electrical where we learned how to fix a loose outlet, replace an outlet, ground an outlet, map our basement electrical box, and add a switch to a wall.

Oops… Sorry, Ab!

HOORAY, it’s finally Spring! The windows are open, the breezes are blowing, and the kittehs are LOVING their window platforms, where they can lounge and luxuriate in all the odoriferous wonders coming in through the screens. I have no idea what cats consider to be good smells.

Laundry Room – Part 3

Hubby was gone this weekend, helping a friend in need, so I was planning to devote the entire weekend to DIY. That didn’t work out as well as I’d planned. However, I did get 97% of the laundry room painted! Woohoo! On Sunday I started in the laundry room by taking down the wall shelves over the washer and dryer and moving everything out of the room.