2 sloths with pink hibiscus

And not the cute, algae and moth covered variety. The pure, lazy, lay on the couch and do nothing variety! I actually slept until 2:30pm this past Saturday… I think it’s a combination of jet lag from our Hawaii trip [I know, poor me…] and work being completely bat-shit crazy for the past few months, particularly since I’ve been back.

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New Fish Tank Friends!

zebra nerite snail

UPDATE: Bizarrely, since writing this post the other day, one of my 4 cherry barb fish has completely disappeared… either my new snails are carnivorous, or it’s just a baffling mystery.
I’ve had a 5-10 gallon fish tank on my kitchen counter for going on 15 years. I love having one, even though at times the maintenance can be frustrating & challenging.

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maui hawaii pink flowers

For the past 10 days [well, from 4/25 to 5/4] I was in Maui, Hawaii with hubby! I wrote my past 3 posts before I left, and had them set up to automatically publish while I was gone – I’m sneaky like that! So look for some Hawaii posts in the near future! In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak 🙂

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chantal harmonica tea kettle on the kitchen stove from martha

My friend and former neighbor Martha [we lived next to each other for 7 years before I moved to Ipswich to live with hubby] is downsizing, and asked if I’d come to her house last week to see if I’d be interested in anything she was getting rid of. Yay!

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