Backyard Catio – Part 21

the pile of old luan slats I pulled off the catio

I spent the summer of 2015 building a catio [outdoor cat enclosure] for our cats. I thought I was being thorough by covering the chicken wire seams with strips of luan plywood. But last Fall I noticed the luan was looking a little worse for the wear. The top layer was peeling off, it was warping in places, and was starting to turn colors due to some type of mildew growth.

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Fixing the Bathroom Fan – Part 2

the new bathroom ceiling fan motor is installed and plugged in

The superglue failing was a risk we took in early March when we fixed our loud/rattling bathroom fan with a drop of superglue. The fan started getting loud again right before we left for Hawaii, so the day after we got home I ordered a replacement motor from Amazon. Replacement motor = $40, replacement fan = $100. Life is much cheaper when you know how to fix things yourself!

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Kauai, Hawaii 2017 – Part 2

a red-crested cardinal, kauai, hawaii

On Days 4 & 5 we did a TON! We checked out Wailua Falls, took a ride on the Kauai Plantation Railway and fed wild pigs, visited the Kilauea Lighthouse & Wildlife Sanctuary where we saw lots of Nene, walked out on Hanalei Bay pier, had lunch in Princeville, and visited Manini-holo dry cave & Waikapale wet cave. Phew!

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Kauai, Hawaii 2017 – Part 1

we saw a monk seal sleeping on poipu beach, kauai, hawaii

I met hubby in 2011 & and married him in 2012. We decided to take a delayed Honeymoon to the Big Island in 2014 and loved Hawaii so much we’ve decided to retire there [someday]. Which meant we needed to check out the other 3 major islands to see which one we liked best πŸ™‚ This year it was Kauai’s turn.

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