My 2nd 5k!

me after walking the poker 5k in 2014, with blond hair

You may recall that in June I completed my first 5k race. I must point out that I speed-walk, I don’t run. Regardless, it’s still quite challenging & exhilarating! Hubby runs 5 or 6 5k races each summer and this year he suggested I join him for some. It’s way more fun to be part of the race than it is to be sitting on the sidelines reading a book! So this past Saturday we completed our 2nd 5k together – woohoo!

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Downstairs Cat Platforms – Part 1

birdie on her new downstairs hall cat platforms, with darwin in the background

After adopting Birdie from the shelter last month, we quickly realized she needed places off the floor to escape Bonkers’ relentless pursuit. He can’t jump, so anywhere over a foot off the ground is generally safe, but she prefers to be about 4 feet up. She’s been using the upstairs hall cat platforms and my art table in the girl cave as her main hang outs but we want her to feel safe downstairs, too.

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Upstairs Cat Platforms – Part 5

birdie on the upstairs hall cat platforms enjoying the open window

So yesterday after work I decided to move the cat platform from the girl cave back out to the hallway. This time I placed it right up at windowsill level, like the main platform is, since Birdie has a point of access with the other platform. It’s location will give her direct visual access to the upstairs hall, the stairwell, and the downstairs hall, so she can better assess Bonkers’ position. My version of a feline early warning system.

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Ceiling Fans – Part 3

taking the new bedroom ceiling fan for a test drive

Two weeks ago I conceded defeat to the ceiling fan gods. Mainly because in order to reach the wiring in the bedroom [cathedral ceiling] I’d have to stand on my tip toes at the top of my Little Giant ladder. But today I decided “Screw it – I’m doing it! Even if I have to stand on my tip toes, it’s going UP!”

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Ceiling Fans – Part 2

ceiling electrical box after removing the bedroom ceiling fan

Jim and I spent a good hour today up on the ladder removing the bedroom ceiling fan. I was able to get one of the 3 problem screws out, he got a 2nd one out, but the 3rd still wouldn’t budge. I climbed back up and sliced a deeper groove into it with my dremmel tool, allowing Jim to finally muscle it out of the ceiling. So far so good!

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A Timer For The Bathroom Fan

replacing the fan light switch in the bathroom with a timer switch

Holy cow! After the fiasco that was [and still is] the ceiling fan replacement in the master bedroom, it’s amazing to actually do something DIY related that was not only QUICK but also EASY! *mind blown* In under 45 minutes – between my 1st & 2nd cups of tea this morning – the controls for our shower fan went from a switch to a timer.

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