Chameleon Mural – Part 3
Chameleon Mural – Part 3

Chameleon Mural – Part 3

On Thursday after work I had some time to work on my mural.  I drew some stripes on, based on the color print-out I’m using as a template.  Then mixed up a shade of royal blue I liked and painted it on:


Today I worked for an hour to make the tree branch look more real.  I added some additional darker and lighter shades, and some wispy lines:


Then drew some additional patterns, mixed up a shade of aqua I liked, and painted them in.  Birdie found the whole thing pretty interesting when I placed one canvas in the upstairs hall:

I also added a preliminary eye and mouth:


So here’s where I am as of today:


Meanwhile, Ms. Birdie continues to come out of her shell now that Bonkers is pretty much just a first floor cat.  My small brown paper bag from the art supply store was on the girl cave floor [it’s in the right of the following pics] and she pounced on and flattened it.  So I brought up a full sized grocery paper bag and she dove straight in.  It was adorable:


Both Darwin [on the stool] and Birdie [on the middle shelf of the workbench] enjoy hanging out in the girl cave while I paint.  Bonkers has recently rediscovered the joy of a catnip pad – he was picking it up with his teeth and shaking it around while giving it a complete bath:


We miss Franc soooooooooooo much.  Seeing the empty rat cage in the living room is so depressing.  I took all the balloons I hung around the living room last weekend for Jim’s birthday & tied them instead to the rat cage.  In a few weeks we’ll be getting rat babies:

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