Month: <span>February 2017</span>

Month: February 2017

Tall Bookcase – Part 1

One of the projects on my 2017 Projects list is to paint the tall bookcase in the girl cave high gloss red. This past Sunday I got one coat of BIN primer on. Today I put on the 2nd coat of primer. I decided on Benjamin Moore Exotic Red as the color, and bought a quart of high gloss on Sunday as well.

Carlos & the 4 Rats

I met Jim in September 2011. I wanted to make him something cool for Christmas so that year I painted Darwin & Wilber for him on 8×10″ wood block. After meeting my German family & meeting their cat Carlos this past Fall, I knew I had to paint Carlos for them.

Stained Glass Circles – Part 9

For the past month I’ve been super busy at work. It hasn’t left me with much mental energy for DIY or art after work, or even on weekends. Especially since 3 days a week I’m still heading to the Y to put in miles on the recumbent bike. Usually weekends are spent like a sloth on the couch catching up on TV and sleep. But I have been slowly plodding away with stained glass!