Cherry Blossom Tree – Part 1

My best friend Abbie has 2 adorable twin girls, who are 3 years old. Super cute. They keep her very busy and she’s an awesome mom. She’s been working on painting a flower border and an apple tree on their bedroom wall. She asked if I’d like to help out, so I went over Sunday and painted a cherry blossom branch! I will be going back to turn it into a full tree.

6 Panel Art Project – Part 3

Almost exactly a year ago [how weird is that?] I started working on my 6 panel art/painting project. The project actually began in 2004/2005-ish when I bought the 6 panels of canvas board, laid them out on the floor in my old apartment, and sketched a big tree onto them. The plan was to paint 3 panels dark and 3 panels light so together they make one picture but half day/half night.

Stained Glass Circles – Part 3

For many months I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a stained glass project framed by wood. As in, finding the perfect wood frame and then creating something to put in it. I was partly inspired by stained glass projects my friend and glass mentor Abbie has done, especially her light box which is a 3 dimensional wooden box with a front made of multi colored beach glass, and filled with an LED light string that slowly changes colors. It’s mesmerizing!

Painting While Intoxicated – Part 2

The last time I Created Art While Intoxicated was in 2013. As I’ve said before, I rarely get drunk [which is why there were no 2014 or 2015 Intoxicated Art posts]. It’s not often I decide to really let go. But sometimes I do, and sometimes while in a state of joyful inebriation I feel compelled to be creative. Two weekends ago I drank 4 Mike’s Mango Punches and informed hubby that I absolutely HAD TO GO PAINT.

Photo Project – Part 7

After about 40 hours of work, I present you with my FINAL favorite photos project, featuring my favorite pictures from 2011-2015. I deleted over 15,000 digital photos [!!!] from these 5 years. I’ve gotten into the habit lately, particularly since starting this blog, of taking about 20 photos of everything. Over time, that creates a mind-boggling amount of duplicates!