Photo Scanning Project – Part 4: 1999-2000

photo scanning project part 4 1999-2000 woodstock vt

Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve scanned > 2,000 photos, > 300 personal documents, and almost 500 pages of a “book” that my high school friend Christyne and I wrote in the late 1980’s. Phew!!! I finished scanning PHOTO ALBUM 4 last week, but got pre-occupied with the other stuff I scanned, so wasn’t ready to publish this post until tonight. Here are my favorite photos from PHOTO ALBUM 4, which covers years 1999-2000.

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I made 3 More Stained Glass Stars!

raspberry stained glass star hanging in living room window

I’m on a roll! Holy cow. I made a raspberry one last night before bed, a garnet/blood red one this morning, and a smaller, clear glass polka-dot/bubble wrap looking one this afternoon. The clear one was for hubby’s boss’s wife. We went to a surprise party for him at his house and I decided to make a star for his wife [who I’d never met] as a hostess gift. She loved it 🙂

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I made a 2nd Stained Glass Star!

blue and teal stained glass stars hanging in living room window

Today I made another stained glass star! I went into work this morning but got home at 1:30 and immediately headed down to my workshop and started another star. The glass I used today is a dark teal color, and has a wavy pattern to it. If you hold it on it’s side it looks like the surface of a lake. So pretty! it only took me an hour and 15 minutes to make the 2nd star, versus 2½ hours for the first one 🙂

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