Stained Glass Stars – Part 6

Almost exactly a year ago I was busy making stained glass stars for the holidays. I decided to have fun with a few of the smaller ones and decorated them like snowflakes. This year I decided to turn more into snowflakes. I grabbed 5 of last year’s stars & added wire swirls to 2 of them, nested circles to another, and wire triangles to 2 more!

Stained Glass Circles – Part 7

Last year for Christmas & my birthday hubby bought me packs of stained glass from Delphi. Each kit came with a variety of different colored and patterned stained glass sheets. Some are really cool and some are quite unique. I have 4 sheets of what I call “Christmas glass” – it’s clear, red, and green. I decided to do a Christmas project with it this year.

Cherry Blossom Tree – Part 2

In early August my BFF Abbie asked if I’d like to help her paint her twin girls’ bedroom wall. She’d already started an Apple tree on Claire’s side of the room, and I opted to paint a Cherry Blossom branch on Meara’s side. However, Meara told her mommy she’d prefer a TREE because Claire had a tree. Made sense to me!

6 Panel Art Project – Part 7

As of 2 weekends ago, the only part of my 6 panel project that still needed paint was the tree on the middle light/daytime panel. But as you may remember, I completely messed it up when I shook the bottle of liquid leaf without remembering I’d already unscrewed the cap. I tried to repair the damage, but ended up doing a complete redo of the 3 light/daytime panels.

6 Panel Art Project – Part 6

Everyone has a day now and then that just goes wrong every which way, for no apparent reason. I always assume when I have a day like this that someone’s bad karma has gotten too close to me and rubbed off a little. My therapist says that’s impossible, but I don’t think so. Today I ended up trashing one of the 6 panels of my latest art project. *Scream*!!! And breaking the garbage disposal.