Category: <span>General Creativity</span>

Category: General Creativity

Carlos & the 4 Rats

I met Jim in September 2011. I wanted to make him something cool for Christmas so that year I painted Darwin & Wilber for him on 8×10″ wood block. After meeting my German family & meeting their cat Carlos this past Fall, I knew I had to paint Carlos for them.

Stained Glass Circles – Part 9

For the past month I’ve been super busy at work. It hasn’t left me with much mental energy for DIY or art after work, or even on weekends. Especially since 3 days a week I’m still heading to the Y to put in miles on the recumbent bike. Usually weekends are spent like a sloth on the couch catching up on TV and sleep. But I have been slowly plodding away with stained glass!

Stained Glass Catboat – Part 2

As you read in Part 1, I ran into some issues with my first attempt at making a stained glass sailboat, including the bottom looking like a canoe, trying to work with solid copper wire, the entire boat falling apart because the solid copper wire was too heavy, and finally the entire thing falling apart again because I soldered the hell out of the seams to the point of insanely overheating them. Oops.

Stained Glass Stars – Part 6

Almost exactly a year ago I was busy making stained glass stars for the holidays. I decided to have fun with a few of the smaller ones and decorated them like snowflakes. This year I decided to turn more into snowflakes. I grabbed 5 of last year’s stars & added wire swirls to 2 of them, nested circles to another, and wire triangles to 2 more!

Stained Glass Circles – Part 7

Last year for Christmas & my birthday hubby bought me packs of stained glass from Delphi. Each kit came with a variety of different colored and patterned stained glass sheets. Some are really cool and some are quite unique. I have 4 sheets of what I call “Christmas glass” – it’s clear, red, and green. I decided to do a Christmas project with it this year.