Chameleon Mural – Part 5
Chameleon Mural – Part 5

Chameleon Mural – Part 5

I haven’t had much time to work on the chameleon mural since last posting.  However, I’ve found a few hours here and there.  Last time I posted it looked like this:

i added highlights and shadows to the chameleon's body

Last week I added some yellow stripes to the tail & head, and shaded the legs a bit:

Today I removed a couple of yellow stripes from the face, and instead shaded the bottom of the face in different shades of red.  Then Birdie showed up to “help”:


I tried to create a new cat bed area in the built-in shelves to entice Birdie away from my painting area, but it didn’t work [green IKEA rug on the 2nd shelf]:

She finally wandered off so I worked a little more on the back legs & tail:

I still have a ways to go, but little by little I’m getting there!  I spent the rest of the late afternoon working on the eye, which is far from done, but I’m trying different approaches:

This is the picture I’m trying to emulate… It’s SO MUCH HARDER than it looks:

Here’s the entire chameleon so far:

I’m hoping to be done in another month…

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