DIY Spice Rack – Part 2

priming the diy spice rack and cat ramp

Yesterday I bought wood and built a spice rack. This morning I primed it [and a cat platform & ramp for the dining room, but that will be discussed in a separate post]. This afternoon I’ll paint it. I’m also going to the hardware store today to buy some brackets for the platform and ramp, and a stud finder [something I should already own, but don’t].

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Holiday Spirit

christmas tree ornaments

Christmas never feels right until the tree is up and decorated. 4 years ago I bought a fake tree at Target on super sale – apparently no one wanted it. But I knew it was perfect the first time I saw it – it’s got pinecones and little red berries on twigs, and fake snow – it’s awesome! It’s tall and narrow, and sort of hard to decorate since the branches are all munched close together. But it’s my tree and I love it.

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Creating Art While Intoxicated – Part 1

intoxicated drunken splatter paint art

I should point out that I rarely get drunk. But a couple times a year I come home from work on a Friday night and decide it’s time to get hammered. A couple of White Russians later and I’m feeling GOOD! Which is around the time I decide a “Goth Dance Party” in the girl cave is long overdue. I dig out my club clothes, crank the Industrial music, turn on the LED Christmas lights, and dance like no one’s watching.

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Subscribing to My Blog via Email

subscribe to my website by email widget

I have just been able to add “JetPack” to my blog, which is a bundle of features offered by WordPress. It will streamline my blog and make things MUCH tidier behind the scenes. When I first started my blog last August, WordPress kept prompting me to connect to JetPack, but I couldn’t. There was a glitch affecting random blogs. Long story short, if you subscribed to my blog using FeedBurner, please re-subscribe using JetPack.

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Girl Cave Ceiling – Part 1

painting girl cave ceiling benjamin moore galaxy

At the end of October I started painting the girl cave ceiling, but didn’t get very far due to vertigo issues I’ve suffered from since May. I’m painting it Benjamin Moore Galaxy – a beautiful, rich, dark purple. I think it will look so cool once it’s painted and covered with tiny LED lights. I know it’s not typical to paint a ceiling, let alone paint it dark, but my girl cave is, well, my GIRL CAVE. And my art studio. And I can decorate it however I please πŸ™‚

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Painting the Girl Cave Built-In

girl cave built in cupboard door hardware rust-oleum metallic

After painting the Girl Cave walls Violet Mist, I decided to paint the built-in cupboard Amethyst Shadow, which is from the same color family. I decided on high-gloss paint because I love the look of shiny furniture! After 2 coats of BIN primer and 3 coats of Amethyst Shadow, it was done and looking fantastic! It took 2 weeks to fully cure before I could put anything on it. For the hinges & hardware I used Krylon Fusion Mystic Prism Effect spray paint.

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