Circle Mosaic Paintings – Part 5
Circle Mosaic Paintings – Part 5

Circle Mosaic Paintings – Part 5

Tonight I finally had time to work on my paintings again.  It took 2½ hours just to add one color [raspberry]!  Holy cow:


Part of the problem was the color wasn’t opaque enough, so I had to apply 3 coats.  Another problem was I ran out of my custom mixed color halfway through and had to mix another batch, color-matched to the first batch.  Never the easiest thing!  The raspberry I created was a mix of “Primary Red”, “Primary Blue”, & “Titanium White”:


I have a bunch left over, so I slid the piece of glass I use to mix paint on* into a ziplock, and will use it again tomorrow night, but mixed to a darker purple.  I mixed the paint with a palette knife, which I used to create a tent so the bag wouldn’t stick to the paint too much:


Here are the individual paintings:

106g        106h

106i        106j

And some close-ups:

106c        106d

106e        106f

As you can see, I’ve been sprinkling the wet paint with a fair bit of fairy dust as I go, which gives them a sparkle.  I like sparkly things!  I got the fairy dust in upstate New York years ago.  It’s basically super-fine glitter in a cute little glass jar.  It used to have a cork which disintegrated a long time ago, so I use a red marble as a top now:

106m        106n

As you can see in the close up, it’s got a blue tint to it.  I love this stuff!


* I use the panes of glass that come in picture frames to mix paint on, and paint from.  Over the years I’ve accumulated 4, all the same size [roughly 5×7″].  They work awesome for mixing colors, and they clean super easily.  Just soak them in hot water for 10 minutes and the paint slides right off.

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  1. Kathy

    Your painting is so pretty and planetary! My best friend, Margi, (aka Rose) lives in upstate New York (near Woodstock and New Paltz) and sells all things fairy (including dust)…. maybe you got it from her! (That would be weird, but stranger things have happened)!

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