Cats in the Alcove – Part 1
Cats in the Alcove – Part 1

Cats in the Alcove – Part 1

Getting the cats access to the alcove above our living room TV is one of the items on my 2015 Projects list.  My original plan was to build steps up the wall to the right of the TV:

98n        98o

But then last week I had a brainstorm:  buying a 2nd cat tree [#affiliate], like the one we have in the bedroom…:


…would get them almost high enough to reach the alcove!  So I ordered a 2nd one from Amazon, which arrived yesterday.  It took only a half hour to put together and Darwin was up in it before I’d even shoved it against the wall:


I quickly realized I’d have to move my collection of long-tailed wooden cats before he sent them flying [for now they’ll have to live in the girl cave until I can set up another shelf in the living room]:


Hubby helped me take them all down, vacuum the alcove, and set up some cat blankets [he was trying to watch HGTV and I kept interrupting him – thank you, awesome hubby!!!]:


Darwin was very curious, but still wasn’t ready to jump up.  He took a snooze instead:

108k        109j

This morning he was back up for another look:


But still didn’t jump.  I think it’s a little too far, especially since the tree is a bit wobbly when he stands on the top shelf.  So I’m going to build a shelf for the wall today, to bridge the gap.

After Darwin abandoned the tree for some breakfast, I carried Birdie over so she could check out the tree.  She immediately made herself at home in the little house part, which is where she spends most of her time in the bedroom tree:


But then Bonkers spotted her.  And started to howl:


And Birdie was like “oh HELL no!”:


And went back around the corner to her platform near the kitchen:


So Darwin settled into the little house for an after breakfast snooze:


Then Bonkers spotted HIM.  And I think he thought Darwin was Birdie.  First he sat on the floor and begged furiously.  Then he paced back and forth.  Then he stood with his paws on the lowest platform.  Then he paced some more.  And finally he launched himself into the air, landed chest-first on one of the sisal-covered poles, and slid down to the floor in the most ungraceful way possible.  Hubby and I couldn’t help it – we burst out laughing.  Poor Bonkers.  He’s so clumsy!  I picked him up and gave him a good snuggle and showed him the snow outside.  He purred & purred and then went upstairs to sleep on the bed.   One more reason I love this particular cat tree:  Bonkers proof.

I did put Bonkers’ favorite cat bed under the tree, so at least he can feel somewhat included.  I also set up the little hammock that comes with the tree, but I’m not sure he’ll use it – he’s never used the one upstairs:

109l        cat bed under the living room cat tree

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming later today!

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