Girl Cave Ceiling – Part 2

girl cave ceiling painted benjamin moore galaxy

Yesterday I was home due to the Federal holiday, so I decided to make myself useful [something I had avoided all weekend by spending most of it sprawled on the couch, under a puff, watching hours of HGTV]. So I set up my ladder, draped some plastic, and finished painting the girl cave ceiling. As you may recall, I started painting the edges of it back in October… The color is a beautiful, rich dark purple called Galaxy by Benjamin Moore.

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Panama Canal Cruise 2013 – Part 2

celebrity infinity panama canal cruise april 2013 colon geoffroy’s tamarin

Last week I discussed life aboard the cruise ship and our first stop in Cartagena, Colombia. The next morning we woke up docked in Colon, Panama. We had 10 hours of shore leave, and Jim and I had chosen a ship-recommended excursion that took us on a lazy boat ride through a tributary of Gatun Lake to see monkeys and other wildlife.

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