The Living Room is 47°

The Living Room is 47°

Here’s what happens when you come home from work† on not just the coldest day of THIS year, but also of LAST year, and find that your husband [with all the best intentions!], has turned the heat down to 50°:


It was actually 47.1° when I first got home, so 47.8° is an improvement.

His plan was to leave the heat set low while we were at work.  Which is valiant.  And economical.  But it’s going to take HOURS to get up to even the mid-60’s…!  Normally when we leave for work we leave it set at about 60° or 62°.  I think because it’s so cold out, he figured we should turn it down even lower.  But in my experience, when it’s 1° outside, with a -30° windchill, and you live in a drafty house, you bite the bullet and leave the heat set at around 65° so it’s at least bearable when you get home!  Extra money down the drain be damned!

But it’s OK.  Me and the kitties are all bundled up:


And I’ve got some hot tea and a bowl of re-heated butternut squash mac n’ cheese to keep me company:


The heat has already crawled up to 53.3°, so we’re getting there!

On a cool side note, hubby noticed that the river otters made a bunch of trails on the frozen river last night.  If you click the picture to make it bigger, you can see the lines across the snow-dusted ice:


† I came home from work early to wait for both a furniture delivery dude and a plumber.  Furniture delivery dude just left, so now I can chillax and await the arrival of the mighty plumber who will hopefully get the heat working [again] in the girl cave and dining room.  Second try’s the charm?

PS – in the first picture you can see the really cool wedding photo tile our friend Torrey made us for Christmas!  So cool!

UPDATE 1/9/2015:

The plumber never showed.  Meh.  But one of the otters did!  He was on the ice around dusk, rolling around on his back like a dog, sliding into the water, then launching back up onto the ice with a fresh meal.  He was having a grand old time!  Didn’t seem to phase him in the least that it was 7° out!

104e        104f

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  1. Your Bro

    Sounds like something I would do to Julie.. Also with best intentions. Good night to climb under the covers with a hot water tube thing, like what we had growing up but I swear no one else has even ever heard of…

  2. Anne

    Last night we asked Susie to put the heat up 5 degrees in our condo. I figured paying for those extra degrees was better than burst pipes (that happened before our time). This weather is way too cold for anyone – 47 degrees omg! – your cats must be appalled!

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      The cats were way more appalled at the 2 delivery guys from Lazy Boy that dropped Jim’s new recliner in the middle of the living room [which is where I told them to put it since the old one isn’t moved yet]. Darwin jumped on it and it rocked and he leaped off in a fright and made a large arc around it to leave the room 😀

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