On Basement Shelves & Ditching the Couch
On Basement Shelves & Ditching the Couch

On Basement Shelves & Ditching the Couch

So, not exactly DIY related, but sort of.


I had today off from work.  Jim did not.  So I spent most of the day decluttering and organizing the house.  Part of that involved setting up the 2 black Whitmor 4-Tier Shelving Units [#affiliate] I bought last month on Amazon [apparently I ordered them on Christmas day – random]. I was going to put one in the basement cage and one in the girl cave, but after setting up the first one in the basement I decided to put them both down there.  They’re AWESOME:

107k        107l

It’s so nice having all my stuff on shelves, all laid out in front of me, instead of in random stacks.  After getting the shelves organized, I re-set up my work table and got my glass cutting supplies from Abbie ready to go:


I’m hoping to cut some glass this week!


Last year we bought a sectional couch & matching ottoman from IKEA:

107a        107b

At first we loved it.  But then we started realizing it wasn’t very comfortable.  At all.  And the longer we had it, the worse it seemed to get.  A few months ago Jim moved to his recliner [which also sucked, but not as bad as the couch], and I set up a nest of pillows and comforters to make the couch bearable.

Last month we finally agreed it was time to go furniture shopping.  We spent 2 weekends hitting store after store [from high end ones like Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn, to mid-level ones like Jordan’s and Bernie & Phyl’s, to low-end ones like Bob’s].  We finally found a recliner Jim loved at La-Z-Boy [on sale for pretty much half off]:


And a couch & ottoman we both liked at Bernie & Phyl’s [also on sale]:

107d        107e

We ordered the couch & ottoman in deep eggplant purple.  They’re supposed to arrive in about 2 weeks.  We can’t wait!

So in preparation for the new couch’s arrival, we had to figure out what to do with the old one.  Jim suggested putting it on the curb like the other furniture we’ve gotten rid of, but since it’s so new, and in great condition, I suggested selling it on Craigslist.  I’ve had really good luck selling furniture on Craigslist in the past.  On Saturday I took some pics & posted an ad:

107f        107g

Within a few hours, 6 people had responded to it.  The first 2 backed out, but the 3rd person was a super nice man who came today with his 2 teenage sons and loaded the couch and ottoman into his SUV and tow-behind trailer.  They’ve recently refinished their basement into a teenage hangout, and the couch will be perfect for them.  And we’re $350 richer – woohoo!

Our living room looked SO empty after they left!


I moved the crappy old recliner into place next to Jim’s new one, which will tide us over until the new couch arrives:

107i        107j

The old recliner isn’t actually that bad – I’ve been sitting in it all evening, and it’s pretty comfortable.  Not nearly as comfortable as Jim’s new recliner, which rocks, reclines, and feels like being hugged by a cloud.  But it will do.

I’m currently plotting 2 new cat shelf projects, so stay tuned!

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Thanks, Jessica! Ya, hubby’s new recliner is pretty fantastic. It’s kind of a big, ugly beast, but it’s so comfortable that I can look past that part! I will post a pic of the new couch when it arrives – I can’t wait to have a dark purple couch – purple is my favorite color, too! well, asides from black. Yes, not much of DIY weekend, but at least I was very productive! I have so many DIY ideas in my head, it’s just hard sometimes to actually start one of them!

  1. Anne

    Love your shelves; they’re a lot more streamlined than the black plastic ones (Home Depot or Lowes) we have in our cellar. They’re functional, but really clunky and ugly.

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      The Whitmor metal shelving units are amazing – each shelf can hold 350 pounds. And they require no tools to put together. One thing I realized is that on Amazon, the price fluctuates crazily – one day the shelves were $50, then $80, then $100, then $56, then $60, etc. – so I laid in wait until they dropped back down to $50 and snagged the two black ones. They come in black or silver, and the price fluctuates constantly for both.

        1. Nine Dark Moons

          Mom – Most things on Amazon don’t fluctuate like that – I know because I usually have 5 – 10 things in my cart [in the “saved for later” section] and every time I login it tells me that “this item in your cart went up in price by $0.13, and this item in your cart dropped in price by $0.03”, etc. It’s just the Whitmor shelving for whatever reason fluctuates wildly!

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