Happy 3rd 2nd Blogiversary to Me!!!

For the past few months I’ve been convinced that I was coming up on my 3rd Blogiversary.  Like seriously.  But no, it’s only my 2nd!  *mind blown*.  You can read about my first-year adventures & Blogiversary HERE.

Over the past 12 months I’ve accomplished so much!  I dabbled quite a bit with electricity by replacing 3 ceiling fans, 2 dimmer switches, 1 timer switch, 4 ceiling lights, 1 over-the-counter light, and 1 bathroom vanity light.  And only electrocuted myself ONCE.  I think that’s an accomplishment in itself!  I’ve acquired some invaluable DIY tools including a WorkMate table, 4 Whitmore shelving units, and a Peg Board.  I’ve doubled the amount of cat shelves and cat platforms in the house and learned SO MUCH about wood and framing [not by construction standards, just DIY standards] by building the kitties the awesomest outdoor cat enclosure ever!

I’ve also learned a bunch of valuable “behind the scenes” stuff to make my blog better, like drop-down menus, site optimization & speed, the important of Alt Text [my photos & posts now show up on Google!!!], and how convenient it is to have “next post/previous post” links at both the top AND bottom of each post, not just the bottom.

So:  Happy 2nd Blogiversary to me!!!

2nd blogiversary cake 2 candles i can haz cake now?

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  1. Congratulations to a chip off the ol’ block. Hope to see and enjoy many more, love Dad

  2. Love reading your blog and watching your upgrades come to fruition. Here’s to your 3rd, er 2nd, anniversary. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  3. Jessica@CapeofDreams

    Congratulations! There are a lot of bloggers who never make it to the first anniversary let alone the second.

  4. Wow, thanks, Mom!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

  5. Happy, happy Blogiversary. What you’ve accomplished and how well you’ve done it is amazing.

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