Upstairs Cat Platforms – Part 7
Upstairs Cat Platforms – Part 7

Upstairs Cat Platforms – Part 7

As you saw in my last post, I decided to extend the small platform in the upstairs hallway.  Birdie has taken to sleeping on the small platform:

169b        169a

After work Monday I cut the new platform and primed it.  Last night after work I added 2 coats of paint.  And tonight after work I hung it up!  I started by drilling holes for 3 IKEA shelf brackets, and screwing them in:

169c        169d

Then I drilled holes in the wall and hammered in some anchors:


Thankfully the central anchors went into studs – total lucky break [well, the anchors didn’t, but the screws did]!  After that it was super easy to screw the shelf to the wall:


To make things look better, I’m planning to switch out the white brackets on the small shelf with black ones.

After hanging the shelf I cut a piece of IKEA bath rug and tied it to the new shelf with string.  Then I bungee corded the litter box to the far end of the new platform:

169g        169h

Which leaves the main platform free for sprawling cats and food/water bowls:


Darwin checked it out and seemed to approve:

169j        169k

My next plan is to cut/paint a little divider wall to hide the litter box – it won’t cover the top of the box, just the front.  It will give Birdie some privacy while she uses the litter, keep the litter box from falling off the shelf [so we won’t need the bungee cords anymore], and allow us the luxury of not staring at the litter box every time we walk by it 🙂  I’m planning to paint a little “Privacy Please!” sign on it with a cat face.  Then I’ll screw it to the edge of the new platform and brace it against the wall with an L-bracket.  I’ll start work on that tomorrow night!

In case you’re wondering how bungee cords fit around the back of the shelf/litter box – there’s a gap of a couple inches between the shelves and wall:



Last night she was sprawled out on her new platform, purring:

birdie on upstairs hall cat platform

Even though Bonkers initially stalked her:

birdie and bonkers upstairs hall and litter box

This morning, after breakfast, she headed right back up:

birdie upstairs hall cat platforms window open


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