Stained Glass Nautical Stars

This past August I decided to craft 2 stained glass nautical stars.  I had promised a coworker I’d make her a star, and she really likes nautical stars, so instead of my usual star pattern I found a new one online:

I originally attempted to cut 2 pieces of glass per point, like in the template, but the ends were too narrow and kept shattering.  Before wasting too much glass I decided one color per point would be fine.  I made 2 stars, one for her and one for me.  I chose a blue theme for hers, and a pink theme for mine:


If you look at the pics above, I initially cut the center circles to match the star points, but decided a 3rd color would look nicer.  I chose a brighter shade of blue for her center, and yellow for mine:



After photographing the finished stars I lay them on the bed for safekeeping:

And noticed their reflections looked REALLY cool on the white duvet cover:


She hung hers in her kitchen window, and mine is hung up at work [here are early morning and a late afternoon shots]:


My German sister’s stained glass star is also hung in my office, as is my disco ball which makes beautiful spots on the walls and ceiling:


I love how the stars reflect on my wall when the sun hits them the right way:

the stained glass stars in my office reflect onto the wall

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6 thoughts on “Stained Glass Nautical Stars”

    • Thanks D’Arcy! The people on the fourth/top floor of my office have a panoramic view of Gloucester harbor and the great Atlantic. But I’m happy with my parking lot view

    • Thanks! I decided earlier this year that every office should have a disco ball. I can’t believe I survived 26 years without one!


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