Stained Glass Mobiles – Part 1
Stained Glass Mobiles – Part 1

Stained Glass Mobiles – Part 1

Back in September I made my first stained glass mobile.  It was a gift for one of my German relatives who got married over the summer:



I soldered hooks to the top and bottom of the largest circles and connected them to each other that way.  Because of that, the pieces tended to rotate sideways – room for improvement.  But I loved how it turned out.  This past weekend I made 2 more stained glass mobiles [with 3 hooks between the circles so they stay facing the same direction].  Stay tuned for a post about those!

I can’t seem to stop being enamored with glass circles.  Cutting them, connecting them, etc. – I do hope someday to branch out into other stuff!  But for now it’s frames, ornaments, and mobiles:

my 2 stained glass circles projects layered!        decorative "sunset glass" stained glass circle

I started out 3 years ago with stars, and a spider web:

purple & clear bubble glass triangle snowflake stars layered        diy stained glass spider web hanging in living room window

But since then it’s been circles.  Lots and lots of circles.  There’s 108 just in these 6 photos, which don’t include the 9 I’ve made for mobiles or the ones I’ve made recently for gifts!:

creating stained glass circles        my second batch of stained glass circles cut and washed

i made 6 "christmas glass" circles & 2 "sunset glass" circles        i created stained glass circles for gifts for christmas 2016

today i cut 27 stained glass circles for my 2nd circles project        i cut 45 new stained glass circles!

This Fall I bought primary yellow and primary red transparent glass sheets, which has added to my color repertoire 🙂  I don’t know how I lived without those 2 important colors for the past 3 years!

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