Summer 2019 In Photos

Summer 2019 In Photos

These are based on my Instagrams throughout the summer.

I will be blogging again very soon!  I have finally gotten over my blog blahs and have a lot to share with you!  I have also downloaded the CLASSIC EDITOR plugin so I no longer have to try and deal with the new WordPress blocks, which I HATED!

In no particular order, here are the highlights from my summer:

I reminded myself which was the X & which was the Y axis at work, and avoided a rock in the eye due to my awesome Arai motorcycle helmet:


Darwin hid from the scary mailman, and I overdosed on eye drops (scary!!!):


I watched a spider eat a dragonfly:


My friend Christyne gave me a venus flytrap (which hubby fed ants) and I blasted a hole in my tire by running over a curb (duh):


I made 2 stained glass nautical stars:

stained glass nautical star i made for my friend       

Darwin and Birdie:


We went to Florida to visit Jim’s dad and step mom:


Our poor fat Winston!  And I worked on a frame for the bathroom mirror:


A new IKEA rug for the dining room, and Darwin eating grass out of the palm tree planter:


More work on the bathroom mirror frame (I’ll be posted about it soon):


I finally went to goth night in Boston for the first time in a LONG time, and had a blast:


I dropped my motorcycle (twice!), first in our driveway, then in my friend Abbie’s driveway.  The poppy bulb my friend Barbara gave me is starting to grow!:


Birdie and Darwin enjoying their wool cat caves:


Killy, who we lost in September (RIP buddy, we love you so much!!!):


My new cat ears for my helmet, and a cool dragonfly outside our house:


Killy and Birdie:


I let our Hawaiian honey simmer for hours to de-crystalize it.  Jim almost burned the house down:


Happy Fall everyone!!!

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      1. Haha, you guys, I am still here! And I plan to hop back on the blog bus soon, too. It seems we all kind of bogged down at the same time, right? I enjoyed seeing your summer update pix. I bought a Cat Cave, too, and I wonder who peed on it? I loved it, but it just didn’t work out. Sigh …

        1. Nine Dark Moons

          Hi D’Arcy! Great to hear from you 🙂 Yes, we all seemed to get “blogged down” with life (my husband’s term) for a while. I think I just got a bit burned out. But it’s great to be back. I will be publishing 2 posts (one tonight and one hopefully tomorrow or Sunday). I have so much to share! That SUCKS that someone peed in the cat cave! You have so many cats – maybe they were protesting only one cave? I wish they weren’t so expensive. I planned to buy just one, but when I was checking out they offered me a 2nd one at half price or something (typical!) and I “caved”.

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