Year: <span>2016</span>
Year: 2016

DIY Screen Door – Part 1

One of the things on my 2016 Projects list is to build a screen door for our bedroom door leading out to the deck. It’s a non-standard size, so if we bought one it would have to be custom made. So why not try to make one myself? I wanted to use the Kreg Jig that Abbie & Briggs got me for Christmas [love you guys!] and I found an awesome tutorial on youtube.

Oahu, Hawaii 2016 – Part 1

On 4/2, Hubby and I flew to Oahu, Hawaii. We’d never been to Oahu before – our previous trips have taken us to the Big Island in 2014 & Maui in 2015. Oahu is the most populated Hawaiian island, with about 1M residents. It includes the state capital of Honolulu and famous landmarks like Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head crater. Our first few days were spent swimming, relaxing, and visiting the zoo.

Replacing Hardwired Fire Alarms

I have posted twice about our hard-wired fire alarms. The first time was to admit I’d painted them [which you’re not supposed to do], and the second time was to share a story that led to me nailing numbers to the front of our house. I realize now that I should have replaced them instead of painting them, but back then [2013] I was very new to DIY and knew nothing about wiring. Now I know that replacing hard-wired alarms is almost as easy as replacing battery-operated ones!

New Lights for the Girl Cave

Last March I went to IKEA and bought a bunch of stuff including new lighting for the master bedroom and girl cave. I installed the master bedroom lights right after my trip, but didn’t install the girl cave ones until today, over a year later… oops. This was one of the items on my 2016 Projects list.


We adopted our 3rd rescue cat Birdie in August, 2014. She was very shy and scared of our 2 rescue boys. I have since built her 25 platforms throughout our house, both upstairs and down, so she can safely be a part of our family without feeling anxious. She loves all her platforms, especially the ones leading to the alcove above our TV, and our boy Darwin has started to join her, which she allows in small doses.

Photo Project – Part 7

After about 40 hours of work, I present you with my FINAL favorite photos project, featuring my favorite pictures from 2011-2015. I deleted over 15,000 digital photos [!!!] from these 5 years. I’ve gotten into the habit lately, particularly since starting this blog, of taking about 20 photos of everything. Over time, that creates a mind-boggling amount of duplicates!