Backyard Catio – Part 20

winterizing the catio by stapling clear plastic tarp to the front & sides

Today I decided to winterize the catio. I thought about doing it last year but never did. It’s became sort of a necessity because the cat door in the dining room window keeps blowing open creating a very cold draft. I bought some clear plastic tarp at Home Depot and used my Dewalt power stapler to attach it to the catio and connector.

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Stained Glass Circles – Part 7

decorative "christmas glass" stained glass circle

Last year for Christmas & my birthday hubby bought me packs of stained glass from Delphi. Each kit came with a variety of different colored and patterned stained glass sheets. Some are really cool and some are quite unique. I have 4 sheets of what I call “Christmas glass” – it’s clear, red, and green. I decided to do a Christmas project with it this year.

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Decluttering – Part 1

the items i removed from the kitchen for repurposing, tossing, or recycling

Ever since I conquered 10 annoying projects in 10 days, I’ve wanted to remove 10 items from each room. Not for any real reason, we don’t have THAT much clutter, but everyone has some. And by remove I don’t necessarily mean toss. The majority got tossed, but some stuff was just in the wrong room for whatever reason.

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Drains Я Disgusting!

darwin was very curious to know what i was doing with the shower drain

As everyone knows, drains are prone to clogging. When I first moved into the condo in 2012 the shower drain wasn’t draining very well so I unscrewed the drain cap and [wearing 2 pairs of latex gloves] pulled out a hair ball 8 inches long and 2 inches thick. It was SO DISGUSTING. Since then I’ve tried to clean the sink drains & shower drain every year, but I usually forget until one of them starts backing up.

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