Year: <span>2016</span>
Year: 2016

Germany 2016 – Part 3

OMG we did SO MUCH on our 3rd day in Germany!!! I narrowed down my photos for this day and still had 125! I worked really hard to narrow them down even further to a more reasonable 40 50. We started the day in Nürtingen, then had lunch with our extended German family, then toured Castle Hohenneuffen again, and also an open-air museum.

Germany 2016 – Part 2

Our 2nd day in Germany began when my German sister & brother-in-law picked us up at 9am with a carafe of fresh coffee for Jim, a carafe of fresh tea for me, and a crinkly bag of things from the bakery – YUM! They did this every morning which was fantastically amazing and SO nice! We spent the day visiting 2 amazing castles – Burg Hohenzollern & Schloss Lichtenstein.

Germany 2016 – Part 1

Hubby and I traveled to the Stuttgart area of Germany from 9/30-10/5. We left home 9/29 but didn’t arrive in Germany until the morning of 9/30, which gave us 5 solid days to visit my German sister Daniela & her husband Joachim. They came to visit us this past May and it was amazing to visit them and see the amazing country they live in. I’ve never been to Germany before, and look forward to going back!

A Wee Beaver & A Wee Ladder

Tuesday after work hubby and I were in the living room and he was looking out the window at the River and suddenly said “hey, what’s that?  There’s something small swimming – I think it’s a beaver, but a really small one!” so we both went outside on the fish …

6 Panel Art Project – Part 7

As of 2 weekends ago, the only part of my 6 panel project that still needed paint was the tree on the middle light/daytime panel. But as you may remember, I completely messed it up when I shook the bottle of liquid leaf without remembering I’d already unscrewed the cap. I tried to repair the damage, but ended up doing a complete redo of the 3 light/daytime panels.

6 Panel Art Project – Part 6

Everyone has a day now and then that just goes wrong every which way, for no apparent reason. I always assume when I have a day like this that someone’s bad karma has gotten too close to me and rubbed off a little. My therapist says that’s impossible, but I don’t think so. Today I ended up trashing one of the 6 panels of my latest art project. *Scream*!!! And breaking the garbage disposal.

6 Panel Art Project – Part 5

I’ve always wanted the tree on my daytime panels to be bright shiny silver. After trying to cut sheet metal tin, then contemplating tin foil, then contemplating silver leaf, I discovered silver “liquid leaf” and my decision was made. I completed the silver on 2 of the 3 light/daytime panels.

OMG Water Snake!

I have spotted the water snake sunning herself, but I have never seen her actually swimming until today! She’s about 4 feet long and quite fat – she’s obviously cleaning up with all the fish trapped in the shallow water due to the drought.