OMG Water Snake!

I have spotted the water snake sunning herself* but I have never seen her actually swimming until today!  OMG!!!  Hubby spotted her out the window and said “look the snake is swimming!” so I dashed outside with my camera and couldn’t see her anywhere.  MEH!   I came back inside, and happened to notice hubby was back outside, on the fish ladder.  He yelled “the snake is right here!”  She was resting on a river rock below the fish ladder.  I dashed back out and onto the fish ladder and when I got close she swam away – OMG!!!  Total highlight of my whole weekend:

295a        295b

295c        295d

She headed over towards the dam and looked like she wanted to head up the fish ladder, but the entrance is currently blocked by wooden panels [I’ll add “water snake” to the list of animals that probably use the fish ladder].  Then she turned and headed back towards us:

295e        295f

295g        295h

OMG OMG OMG!!!  Sooooooo exciting 🙂  Thank you hubby for having awesome eyes and spotting things like the snake and the mink and the otters!

* I don’t know if she’s a girl or boy snake, but I call her a girl 🙂

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8 thoughts on “OMG Water Snake!”

    • We actually picked her up the other day and put her in the fresh water above the dam! due to the drought she can’t get up there herself and she’s been living in salt water. I think she’ll be much happier in the fresh water (I hope!)

  1. Wow – you were lucky to get such an extensive photo shoot of her. It continues to amaze – you have such a diversity of wildlife on your river – and it appears that the low water levels make viewing them a lot easier.

    • Yes, it seems to be true – without the constant white water and current created by the dam/waterfall, we are seeing a lot of wildlife in a different way than ever before!


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