6 Panel Art Project – Part 4

I started this project 10 years ago.  For 9 years it remained as 6 unpainted 11×14″ canvas boards with a tree sketched onto them in pencil.  They have been stacked in my art room, first in Gloucester, and then in Ipswich when I moved in with hubby <3

Last July [as in 2015] I finally dragged them out and painted 3 of the panels dark to represent twilight at the bottom moving up to night at the top:

6 panel art project, 3 dark panels painted

Here are close-ups:

6 panel tree painting project - 3 panels of night and 3 panels of day  6 panel tree painting project - 3 panels of night and 3 panels of day  6 panel tree painting project - 3 panels of night and 3 panels of day

This past July I taped over the tree branches on the 3 remaining unpainted panels with green frog tape so I could paint the background with large strokes and avoid having to paint around the tree:

6 panel art project, 3 dark panels painted, 3 light panels taped

This past weekend I finally got around to painting the background of those 3 panels light, to represent sunrise at the bottom moving into daylight at the top.  The first step was laying down contractor paper on the girl cave floor [I prefer painting larger things on the floor vs. my art table], then picking out the colors I wanted to use:


I started at the bottom of panel 1 with yellow, and mixed my way all the way through orange, pink, purple and into blue by the time I got to the top of panel 3:

296b        296c

296d        296e

Here’s all 3 in a row:


I ended up repainting panels 1 and 2 yesterday morning to merge the colors better, but I used the same colors.  Once the paint was dry [acrylic doesn’t take long, a couple of hours] I carefully removed the green frog tape and lay them on the floor with the 3 dark panels:


Here’s the project so far, from start to not-quite-finished:

6 panel project tree sketched on 6 matching canvas boards       6 panel project painting the tree black on the dark side       296m

296l       6 panel project - background of 3 light panels painted

The next step will be painting the tree on the light panels metallic silver.  I was going to use spray paint, which would mean taping over the entire background on those panels, which doesn’t sound fun.  Abbie suggested I used silver leaf [brilliant!], and said I could borrow hers but I forgot to get it last time I was at her house.  Since then I’ve done some research on silver leaf [well, mostly on gold leaf since it’s more popular] and discovered there is now “liquid leaf” which [in my opinion] would be an excellent option because I can paint it on instead of gluing/cutting/applying pieces of leaf.  So I ordered some from Amazon [#affiliate] which hopefully will work great, otherwise I’ll be borrowing Abbie’s silver leaf:


Once the tree is silver on the light panels, I’ll be ALMOST done.  I am so thrilled that I’ve felt motivated to finish the project after having it sit in my art desk [and in my brain] for 10 years!

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10 thoughts on “6 Panel Art Project – Part 4”

  1. What a cool piece of art! I even like it in the frog tape stage! I’m glad you are finishing it. I have had a large botanical painting in my head since high school. Wonder if it’ll ever see the light of day!

    • i liked it in the frog tape stage too lol! you should totally start – even just sketching it out on canvas is a good start! that’s how i started (10 years ago) but for the past decade i’ve had that sketched image in my head and finally knew how to move ahead 🙂

    • me too! I have something cool planned for the daytime panels, which I’m excited to implement once the silver leaf arrives.


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